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“We are passionate about innovating on Internet of Things to make YOUR life simpler, easier and more productive.”

WICIOT, the company behind °Cmicro is founded by Marko Höynälä, an Ex-Nokia Manager, Engineer and Innovator – the man behind several iconic consumer products like Nokia 8110, ‘The Banana Phone’ also known from the movie Matrix.

We are a team of experienced and hardworking innovators and engineers with a strong R&D and programming background especially in the mobile industry. We are dedicated in developing innovative IoT solutions that can solve existing problems and improve peoples’ everyday lives. Along with °Cmicro, we have been developing IoT innovations also to the healthcare and sports industries. To ensure the excellent quality of our products, we collaborate with first class technology partner.

Team Members

Marko Höynälä


e-mail: marko.hoynala@wiciot.com

(tel.) +358 50 4802414

Biography Marko Hoynala CEO Cmicro Matti Cedervall

Matti Cedervall

General Manager

e-mail: matti.cedervall@wiciot.com

(tel.) +358 45 1762281

Biography Janne Reglin Cmicro

Janne Regelin

Product Manager

e-mail: janne.regelin@wiciot.com

Biography DA_small

°Cmicro has been developed in co-operation with DA-Group, a company providing advanced electronics and high technology solutions and products. DA-Group serves industrial, defence and space sector customers on a global scale.

DA-Group is established in 1995, the company’s core competencies are in embedded solutions, IoT, electro-mechanics as well as RF, microwave and millimeter wave engineering. The service portfolio covers the turnkey solutions: from R&T, product development and engineering, testing and validation, manufacturing to product lifecycle management. DA-Group services meet the industrial safety, military and space standards: AQAP 2110, ISO 9001, Facility Security Clearance and ESA PSS & ECSS standards.

DA-Group is also a partial owner of WICIOT.