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Professional Kitchen

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Anyone at least a bit familiar with the hectic hurry and haste of the everyday restaurant kitchen understands what a “heat it right the first try everytime” microwave can do for the business.

cmicro kitchen professional

We provide a robust version of the Cmicro for professional restaurant and catering business kitchens. The more conventional brushed metal,  easy to keep clean design sits unnoticeably on your kitchen work  shelf, even when having several of these work horses side by side.

Cmicro represents something totally innovative and endless  possibilities to feed restaurant entrepreneurs’ creativity!

You know the everyday situation where kitchen personnel yell out to each other “how long do I microwave this?”  The answer, of course, is at its best an experienced guess. ALWAYS.

Sometimes it goes out cold, sometimes boiling hot. Seldom so that it’s just right.

This has lead to the bad reputation microwaved food has in the  restaurant business. Because it’s a guessing game, especially with  servings demanding longer periods of heating or even cooking, it’s a gamble that needs to be supervised. This means not being able to leave  it cook by itself, someone has to watch it.

Not anymore. When the “ready” tone rings, the serving is ready to be served. While it heats, the person heating it can mind other things,  e.g. prepare other items.

In a single restaurant, this leads to new and innovative styles of preparing portions of servings beforehand. In franchise food industry, this significantly contributes to mother companies control over the quality of their microwaved portions served.

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